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Turntable Information

Most of our truck turntables are mechanical items. These utilise large steel wheels mounted in the bottom of the pit facing upwards. The main turntable fabrication then sits on these wheels. Drive is provided by an electric geared motor situated in the pit itself. There is no need for a separate drive pit.

Where depth of the turntable pit is restricted, we can supply air turntables. An example of where these would be utilised, is where a development requires a ground floor turntable, but there is already a basement in situ. These turntables can be very shallow in depth, but do require a separate drive pit in most cases.

Some of our truck turntables are installed in areas where access is very limited. In these circumstances, we can provide electronic positioning systems, together with further safety systems, to provide extra protection where necessary.

An example can be seen below, where a truck is rotated with less than 50mm clearance between itself and the fabric of the building.

10m diameter turntable under construction.

Installation of Low Profile Air Turntable

Although truck turntables are large pieces of equipment, we design all of them in a modular configuration to aid in the installation. Most of our vehicle turntables are installed in new developments, and the ease of installation is paramount. Each turntable, is assembled fully during manufacture, ensuring no re-working is required at all on site.


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